Samples Policy


"Try our product in your home first!" or

Let us help you choose the right colors.


We want to make it easy for you to see what our metal tiles look like in your home. If you would like to order a sample, place your order on our site and indicate in the special instructions message box at the bottom of your order form at checkout that this is a sample.

YOU MUST STATE THAT THIS IS A SAMPLE ORDER and approximately how many you would need for a final count.

If the color and design work for you, simply place your full order on the website. If you would like to return the sample item for any reason, mail the samples in protective wrap with a note to us on your original packing slip and we will refund you the total cost, less postage. IMPORTANT Mail returned items to our mailing address at:

4312 Sinclair Ave., Austin, TX 78756

SAMPLE POLICY IS IN EFFECT FOR 60 DAYS from the day your sample order is shipped. We cannot receive returned samples after that date.

All final orders cannot be returned.

A note about metal tile: the colors and finishes are done by hand and each one is slightly different. The color values will be the same, but each additional tile will be unique. If you order tile for the FLOOR by choosing the "floor" button, and you want a GLOSS tile for the floor, you must state in the special instructions box that although Carina Works recommends matte finish for the floor, you are choosing to put gloss tile on the floor. Surface scratches in the gloss tile can be polished out with polishing compound.

We are open from 10 AM to 4 PM CST Monday through Friday.

If you would like us to assist you in choosing the right colors, go to custom services to find out more.