Carina Works Mission


Carina Works, Inc. is dedicated to offering U.S. manufactured architectural products superior in artistic design, craftsmanship and functionality with a commitment to the highest environmental standards and dedication to human integrity.

All of our metal tile and flooring are produced in Austin, Texas. The preparation, surfacing and integration of our original colors and designs are accomplished by hand for each individual piece in our product line, and we do not make unreasonable time demands on our artisans. Our products are made from up to 40% recycled materials. Our proprietary process of manufacturing is environmentally friendly and does not create hazardous waste or deplete the ozone layer. We believe in utilizing resources and manpower within the U.S.A. to contribute to the well being of our country’s economy and self-esteem in manufacturing high quality products.

We also believe that making beautiful, sound contemporary architectural products in this country with an eye toward old-world artisan ethics is needed in an era of mass-produced sameness, bringing the soul back into our homes and commercial environments. Carina Works strives to bring more beauty and integrity to the world through commitment to customer relations and superior service within the framework of mutual respect and honesty. We believe this perspective can succeed in a world of diminishing trust in corporate business because honoring the higher in mankind lifts all humanity.

Even though we take this mission very seriously, the bottom line is enjoying our work. Remembering what is important lightens the heart, revealing humor and adventure in the challenging experience of every workday. Our product goes out from our facility imbued with the positive energy of excellent workmanship and personal integrity to honor our everyday environment with beauty. We know that this is paramount to the success of Carina Works’ mission.

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