This document is a guideline for refinishing bathtubs with Zirlon in WHITE COLOR.


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Each White Kit of Zirlon comes with:

1. White Glaze and Accelerator which need to be mixed together 1 to 1 equal parts before use.

2. Clear Top Coat, which is ready to use as is.


Etch and other prep materials need to be purchased seperately from local sources.

1. Discuss charges with customer. Items to be covered: color (Zirlon is only available in white), additional fill for acid damage, removal of adhesive strips, leaky faucets and chip repair.

2. Have customer sign authorization form.

3. Place drop cloths and cover all areas surrounding the bathtub and any area that could be affected by etch or overspray. Place a bag lined garbage can in the work area.

4. Place ventilating fan in window (exhaust out) If no window is available use flex duct attachment. Check for potential hazards in the exhaust zone. Cover plants and other surfaces as needed to protect from fumes and overspray.

5. Remove loose caulking with 4" scraper. All silicone must be completely removed and sanded at intersections to ensure that trace residues are no longer present. Double check these areas with a fresh new razor blade. If any traces are found re-sand the areas. Remember bathtub coatings cannot bond to silicone residue.

6. Use Ajax and a red pad to clean soap residue from the Bathtub surface.

7. Put protective respirator mask with fresh cartridges , gloves and eye protection on.

8. Etching solution is not included and must be purchased separately at Michaels or Hobby Lobby (Armor Etch). Paint etching solution on slowly over the entire bathtub surface, scrub the etch with a red pad for 15 minutes until you feel a drag resistance while moving the pad across the surface. DO NOT DRIP OR SPLATTER THE ETCH ONTO SURROUNDING SURFACES. If spillage occurs wipe it up immediately. If skin contact occurs rinse with cool water for 15 minutes. Get medical attention if needed.

9. Rinse and scrub the etching solution off with lots of water to suspend the etch residue.

10. Dry the bathtub surface using paper towels and check for white powder etch residue using a fresh razor blade. Also check for shinny areas. If either is found re-etch the areas and repeat checks.

11. Fill discrepancies (chips etc.) with polyester filler. Sand filler until smooth, look for low spots or pits. If found reapply filler.

12. Apply masking paper to surrounding areas and bathtub drain. Make sure there are no gaps and the tape is securely adhered. Place and tape a baggie over the bathtub spout to prevent water from dripping onto the Bathtub surface.

13. Mix 50/50 water and acetone. Wipe the entire bathtub surface to remove any residue and skin oil from hand contact. Using the index finger, drag the finger tip along various areas of the tub and check finger for evidence of white powder deposit on finger tip. Repeat until no residue is found.  Final wipe entire surface with straight acetone.  Caution Zirlon is particularily sensitive to surface residue and will fracture away from any remaining residue

14. Stir Zirlon "White Glaze" until pigment is uniformly dispersed before mixing. Mix equal parts of "Accelerator" and Zirlon "White Glaze" together thoroughly.

15. Set up compressor and spray unit. Poor the mixed components into the cup or pot.

16. Do one last check of tape, drop cloth and ventilating fan. Inform the customer that you are preparing to begin spraying and that no one is allowed in the bathroom while spraying takes place. Also inform customer that there will be fumes in the exhaust zone so they will need to keep pets and children out of the zone.

17. Put on respirator mask and gloves and tack the Bathtub surface using a surgical blue tac rag to remove any dust.

18. Spray the mixed Zirlon 2 medium passes or until completely covered with color. DO NOT SPRAY TO THICK. Conserve your material, Don’t worry about making the surface shiny during the color application, only focus on making sure the surface is covered completely.  The Clear Top Coat will create the glossy shine. 

19. Pour remaining Zirlon into a sealable container. Pot life is 5 hours. Spray acetone through gun to clean.

20. Allow the white or colored coat to dry for 30 to 60 minutes.

Spraying the Zirlon Clear Top Coat:

21. Pour Zirlon Clear Top Coat into the spray gun. Put respirator and gloves on. Apply 2 to 3 coats back to back to ensure a wet edge. DO NOT APPLY TO MUCH COATING OR IT WILL SAG. If sags occur correct with foam brush immediately, do not wipe more than once or the finish beneath will wrinkle.  Use plenty of light and check bathtub surface reflection for smoothness and apply additional coating if dry or dull. If debris is found remove with tweezers. The White Glaze Coat is easily disturbed and will not flow back together like conventional coatings, if more finish is needed in small touchup areas, apply mixed Zirlon white with an airbrush or prevale unit followed by mixed Zirlon clear coat.

(Caulking can be applied after 30 to 45 minutes minutes depending on temperature).

Allow 24 hours for finish coat to dry before exposing to moisture and instruct customer not to store soap and shampoo bottles on the ledges and horizontal surfaces for 7 days as this can damage the finish proir to 7 days.

22. Thoroughly clean spray gun with Acetone. Break down equipment except for ventilating fan. Remove all items drop cloths, tools and equipment from the work area. Remove the masking paper and tape slowly pulling up and away from the finish. Apply caulking after 1 hour or until finish is tacked up. Do not remove baggy from tub spout or shower head for at least 24 hours to prevent water damage.

23. Remove ventilating system and inform the customer you are finished. Explain the 5 year warranty and care to the customer. When the customer is satisfied present the invoice and collect payment.

If a Zirlon refinished bathtub needs to be recoated it can be done after 24 hours but should be sanded dull on areas to be recoated with 600 grit wet dry sandpaper.  The surface must be thoroughly clean and dry and completely free of any soap residue before application.

Non slip application
Prepare bathtub to the spray ready state. Mask an area where non slip is to be applied and mix Zirlon clear accelerator and white base with the desired amount of non slip additive and roll mixture (do not over roll to prevent shedding) onto the masked area. Once you are satisfied with the texture, remove masking and immediately begin spraying the entire bathtub with the mixed white base.