Benefits of Carina Works Metal Tile and Flooring

1. Carina Works Metal Tile and Metal Flooring is solid aluminum just under 1/4" thick

2. Installs like ceramic tile

3. Elegant and unique, one of a kind

4. Handmade by artisans in Austin, TX

5. Slip-resistant, durable floor glaze

6. Maintains original appearance

7. Flat, smooth surface easy to clean and maintain

8. Made from up to 40% recycled material

9. Production methods environmentally friendly and organic

10. Compliments and enhances any style field tile and flooring surfaces

11. Contemporary and modern yet warm and elegant

12. Wide range of design styles from historical to retro, geometrics to classic

13. Beautiful for residential and commercial applications

14. Can be installed over formica, ceramic tile and wood [more]

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