Metal Tile and Flooring Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q Do I need to have a metal tile flooring contractor to install the metal tile or flooring?
A. No, you can use a ceramic tile contractor or wood flooring contractor to install Carina metal tile and flooring. The installation procedure is very similar to ceramic and wood in terms of surface preparation and mounting with the exception of a special cutting blade which Carina can provide to the contractor.

2. Q Can Carina Works metal tile and flooring be installed over formica, ceramic tile or wood?
A. Yes, See Installing Carina Works Metal Tile and Flooring over Alternative Surfaces

3. Q. Can I install the metal tile or flooring with or without grouted joints?
A. Carina metal tile and flooring can be installed with or without grout joints. We recommend using non-sanded grout for gloss finish or if you prefer using sanded grout you can protect the tile glaze with blue masking tape during the grouting process and remove the tape when finished.

4. Q. Is the Carina metal tile and flooring colder to the touch than ceramic tile?
A. Carina glazes each metal tile and flooring product which acts as an insulator to cold subfloor temperatures.

5. Q. Does Carina metal flooring dent or scratch easily?
A. No, Carina flooring is solid metal about the thickness of ceramic tile and is very durable. See Care and Maintenance for details about scratching.

6. Q. Are footprints and fingerprints easily apparent on Carina metal flooring?
A. No, footprints are not accentuated on Carina matte glaze for metal flooring planks and tiles. Our matte glaze this characteristic in common with ceramic matte floor glazes.

7. Q. Can Carina metal flooring and tiles be used in bathrooms and kitchens where water will be splashing on the floor and wall?
A. Yes, Carina metal flooring and tiles are commonly used in these areas because Carina glazes are waterproof. However, they are not designed to be submerged in water for long periods of time.

8. Q. What is the thickness of Carina metal tile compared to other tile, and can it be installed as an accent tile with ceramic, granite or marble tile?
A. Carina metal tile and flooring is slightly under 1/4" in thickness and can be floated with thinset or spacers during installation to bring it level with surrounding surface. See thickness comparison photos

9. Q. How do I clean Carina metal tile and flooring?
A. Carina metal tile and flooring is very easy to clean with any nonabrasive household cleaner.
See Care and Maintenance

10. Q. Are the Carina metal flooring planks tongue and groove?
A. No, the flooring planks are precision cut and fit well together in the same way that ceramic tile or marble does.

11. Q What are the benefits of Carina Works Metal Tile and Flooring? See Benefits of Carina Works Metal Tile and Flooring

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