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For over 43 years we have been developing restoration processes and materials to increase the profitability of restoration firms. Our material and methods utilize the latest in environmentally friendly Nano technology formulations through responsible chemistry while promoting customer satisfaction.

Global Friendly Nanotechnology

ZIRLON Nanotechnology Treatment is an extremely hard, flexible, clear, thin film, nanocomposite coating, which can be spray applied to most inorganic and organic surfaces. ZIRLON is a two component, anti-corrosion, anti-stain, clear coating. ZIRLON can protect many substrates (such as porcelain, vitreous china, baked enamel, steel, fiberglass, carbon fiber, brass, copper, aluminum, vinyl, and plastics) in harsh environments.


Eco-Friendly – earth and water friendly (VOC <100g/liter)
Two component - Isocyanate Free
Multi-surface compatible
Long lasting
Corrosion protection
Chemical / salt resistance
Scratch resistance
Wear resistance
Gloss retention
Short residual odor
Heat resistant
24 hour cure time @ 75 degrees @ 50% relative humidity
Service Temperature: -65 to 450°F

ZIRLON molecularly bonds below the surface and forms a very thin, quartz-like film over surfaces. Treated surfaces are more scratch resistant than conventional topical coatings and is easily repaired by simply recoating without the need for sanding between coats. ZIRLON performs favorably over leading Bathtub and Tile refinishing coatings and anti-corrosion coatings, while being easy to use, eco-friendly, and a two component formula. It is designed to work as a thin film, 2-3 mil DFT, with average coverage of 400 to 600 sq.ft. per gallon. Comparable technologies require film thicknesses ranging from 3-4 mils which equates to 350 to 400 square feet per gallon. Thus due to the greater coverage of Zirlon a cost savings should also be realized.

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1 Quart kit of Zirlon WHITE - $92.00 plus shipping and handling. Includes 16 ounces of catalyst, 8 ounces of clear and 8 ounces of white primer base.
2 Quart kit of Zirlon WHITE -$147.00 plus shipping and handling. Includes 1 quart of catalyst, 16 ounces of clear and 16 ounces of white primer base.
1 gallon kit of Zirlon WHITE - $246.00 plus shipping and handling. Includes 2 quarts of catalyst, 1 quart of clear and 1 quart of white primer base
2 gallon kit of Zirlon WHITE - $472.00 plus shipping and handling. Includes 1 gallon of catalyst, 2 quarts of clear and 2 quarts of white primer base
4 gallon kit of zirlon WHITE - $920.00 plus shipping and handling. Includes 2 gallons of catalyst, 1 gallon of clear and 1 gallon of white primer base.

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